We began this blog back in 2013 when Amaya was one and we embarked on an ambitious 4000km journey from Barcelona to Berlin.  Looking back it is incredible that we pulled it off.  Most amazing of all is that our little daughter loved it as much as we did.  She is now 9 but still remembers the journey in vivid detail. For a mini person what tops being a camping nomad?  She was outdoors and everyday was new!  We played in a fountain, danced to live music in the town square, stumbled upon a local fair, had breakfast on a wharf, the world was her playground with every day providing delights. We meandered through Europe on our bicycles, watching our little daughter grow up.

Since then we have had another child, Sebastian (Basti) and have continued our adventures.  He flew to San Francisco when he was 8 weeks old and in 2016 we went backpacking across Chile and Argentina for two months.  In 2018 we cycled around Europe for an entire summer and at the beginning of 2020 we left our beach town in Australia and moved across the world to live in a small village in the Netherlands.

We all love to ride our bikes, hang at the beach, travel the world, and live simply.

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  1. Mic, Shoshanna
    Sitting on the ferry from St Malo. Thought it might help if I repeat suggested routes towards London.

    We recommend strongly the Shoreham to Guildford ‘Downs Link’ rail trail. Its all off-road, beautiful country. Small towns en route. Shoreham is between Worthing and Brighton on the coast. http://www.westsussex.gov.uk/leisure/explore_west_sussex/wildlife_and_landscape/countryside_and_wildlife/places_to_visit/downs_link.aspx
    I bet there are campsites between Bognor Regis and Shoreham.
    Get to Shoreham from Portsmouth on National Cycle Network NCN2 along the coast.
    See here for Sustrans maps: http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/route-22

    Good luck!
    Nick & Margitta (Dinan to Dinard)

  2. Hello Shoshanna, Mic and Amaya, you have a very nice site! Good luck on your route to Berlin. I hope, you have found a right map for bikers in the little “town” = village Lathen!
    Greetings from Elisabeth, we met us at the supermarket.

    • Hi Elisabeth. We are glad you like our blog! We found a good map at the petrol station. We are almost in Bremen – tonight we are camping in a small town called Kirchhatten. We have been enjoying the scenery here in Germany! It was nice to meet you.

      • Hi, time for seegtseeing in Bremen? In front of the city hall you can see a bronze statue “The Town Musicians”. Perhaps you can find the famous folktale, written by the brothers Grimm, in english. Amaya will be enthusiastic about it. Bye and good luck!

  3. hi australian cycle family- we are sitting in our warm flat with our own bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and all the things you can`t take them on a trip with a tent. was nice to meet you. enjoying your blogg. we send you a lot of sunshine, nice people (without berliner schnauze ;-)) and no more punctures, falls and so on.
    jully and konsti from bielefeld and berlin
    (Lübeck 2013)

  4. Hi Mr Hindmarsh (and Mrs Hindmarsh, and Baby Hindmrash),
    Hope your cycling has been going well and you haven’t endangered any bug species by eating them. Just wondering when you’ll be in Berlin. We’ll be around at the end of September and would love to meet up with you!! 😀
    ~Love from le y10 German Class

    • Hey German Class!
      Don’t worry – the bug population is thriving here in Europe! We will be in Berlin from the 28th of August until the 27th of September. Would love to meet up.tay
      Let me know your exact dates and where you are staying. We have an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg.

      • Ak!!! We arrive in Berlin on the 27th!! Anyway frau arch said to det email her, because I’ve only got a dodgy itinerary. 🙂

      • I do have our accomodation:
        Circus GbR Hostel, Berlin
        Weinbergsweg 1a. D-10119 Berlin
        I actually don’t know what that means, so I hope you can make sense of it 😛

      • Thanks Karen We fly out on the 28th so hopefully we can all meet on the 27th! I will look up your hostel on google maps and be in email contact with Frau Arch. Hope your school year is going ok!

  5. Hi Michael and Shoshanna ans Amaya,
    I ‘d like catch up with you in Berlin , but can t find your contact details anymore. Kirsten and Simon will probably not join me as it is a longer trip. Please send me your mobile no.

  6. Hello!
    So happy to have come across your site (via your fab YouTube video!). We went on a cycle tour across Europe before children and are now trying to work out how to do it with children (a 2.5yo and another due imminently).
    Appreciate this is very random but we would love to pick your brains and see how you make it happen, would you be up by or a chat/email?
    Not to worry if you’re too busy planning your next tour of course!
    Ellie and Paul – UK

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