Baby on a Bike Beginnings:

She’s not strictly a baby anymore, nor is she on a bike… but the alliteration had a nice ring to it. So, regardless of technicalities our Baby on a Bike blog is about bike touring with our toddler sized midget who travels in her ‘magic buggy.’

We have big dreams and high hopes.

Next year our plan is a 4-6 month tour from Madrid to Berlin, probably covering between 4000-6000km. Currently our plan is almost as vague as that. Really we need to pull out a map of Europe and etch out a route.

Having completed a number of serious tours prior to having Amaya, we are intimately aware of the many challenges of completing a tour of this magnitude.  However we have no concept of how it is going to pan out with a kid!!!  For this reason we have decided to record our journey on this blog. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Baby on a Bike Beginnings:

  1. Hi Mic and Shosh – We are so excited to be an observer of your big adventure! Our girls have had blogs when they have traveled, and it is so wonderful to almost feel as though we’re right there with them. We look forward to experiencing this with you! Although it may on occasion be a lot of work to post entries, know that we are all so loving them and looking forward to them. Best wishes to you and Amaya. Love, Tim and Carol Cary

  2. Got a copy of Lonely Planet “Europe on a Shoestring”… still dreaming of a Fall trip that would connect somewhere with you 3… We’ll see. May your travels be blessed!

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