A Sense of an Ending


“Here we are!” we said to Amaya as we pulled into the courtyard of our apartment block.  “Come on lets get out and have a look!” “NO!” came the reply, and we spent the next 5 minutes trying to coax her out.  We had been telling her that we were finishing, and I think she also knew that this was the completion of something great.  Her nomadic, outdoor life had ended and she was staying put in her ‘magic buggy’ hoping that there would be more.

Alas our journey had come to an end.  We took the iconic photos in front of the Brandenburg Gate just as we had taken them in front of the Sagrada Familia five months earlier.  We feel privileged to have had this time as a family, to see a Europe that few people see and to expose our daughter to so many wonderful things.

After more than 5 months  and 4000km of cycling we finally made it to Berlin!

After more than 5 months and 4000km of cycling we finally made it to Berlin!

15 thoughts on “A Sense of an Ending

  1. I have enjoyed your travel journey. You have been blessed with sun , rain and with Gods protection throughout this amazing journey.
    Now to write a book.
    Enjoy your next leg of the journey home.
    Irene Russell

  2. Ha sido facinante viajar con ustedes por medio de esta pagina, soy bendecida por Dios al conocer personas como ustedes que realizan todo con mucho amor y esfuerzo, se que Amaya será igual que sus padres. Que Jehova les siga guardando y esperamos verlos pronto. con amor Silvia y familia

    • Gracias Silvia – te extrañamos mucho! Nos alegre que hayas seguido nuestras aventuras. Ojalá que podamos verles muy pronto. Quiero que Amaya tenga la oportunidad de encontrarse con nuestra familia en San Salvador!

  3. Congratulations – for having a dream, then actually living it. Not many people are that brave, or dedicated! And – well done – you overcame many hardships no doubt that don’t come across in your great blogs. Your determination to bring awareness to Clinica Verde and to those who have so much less than us blessed westerners has been a great example, and inspiring.
    We are sorry in a sense, like Amaya, that this adventure has come to end for you all….
    Love from Ma and Pa

    • Thanks Ma and Pa! You are right – we are so happy to have realised this dream. The hardships etc is all part of it and what make the experience rich. Thanks for all your support throughout the ride!

  4. Hi Shoshana, I met you at playgroup today and was just telling my husband about your trip when it occurred to me you may have had a blog. Hope you don’t mind that a little google search led me here! I also blogged our trip. Look forward to reading about yours and hope to see you again next week. Cheers, Madeline

    • Of course I don’t mind! Its lovely to hear from you – I was wishing I’d asked you more questions about your trip – so I’ll enjoy reading about it!
      See you next week – Shoshanna

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