A taste of rural Chile

Basti’s language has exploded. He is charging around Rojilio and Luisa’s farm shouting “Pat-da-chicken“, “Apple-off-da-tree“, “More-Mora’s” (blackberries).

Their two boys Benjamin and Martin have been taking us on adventures across their land, down the river, and blackberry picking.



The Rios family live in a lush valley surrounded by volcanoes. Rojillio comes from a Mapuche family and members of his large extended family are continually dropping by. When something needs to be borrowed it’s only ever a short walk away. Even church (which we were invited to attend and happily accepted) was a short walk down the dirt road.


We have never met kids so content and at one with their surroundings. The boys play many invented games with the chickens or with piles of sand next to the river. When they need a snack they shake an apple tree. They also help their parents tremendously, working hard and holding a lot of responsibility looking after the farm animals. Great kids!



We didn’t plan to be here. It just so happened that we were driving along with no plans, and casually asked at the Curarrehue tourism office where we might be able to camp. Rojilio’s farm was one of the options.

And here we are. Patting chickens, charging around the farm, singing Spanish Sunday School songs, visiting the awesome Walung Markets, relaxing in thermal pools, and eating asados. There is always a haven to be found.




Thanks to the Rios family for an awesome stay! And thanks to Basti the Rios family now know some pretty sweet Spanglish phrases!


2 thoughts on “A taste of rural Chile

  1. Love reading about your awesome family adventure. What a great family experience especially for Amaya & Basti! Praying that one day our family will be able to do the same. Keep well and God bless.

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