The journey began in Barcelona – us and our bicycles and a European continent that stretched out endlessly.  We have cycled 3600km over 4 months, inhaled at least 20 bugs, fallen off 7 times, repaired two flat tyres, endured too many cold and rainy days and we have finally made it to the Baltic!

Made it!

Made it!

Mic and Amaya arrive!

Mic and Amaya arrive!

Baby on a Bike, Barcelona to the Baltic and then down to Berlin.

Baby on a Bike, Barcelona to the Baltic and then down to Berlin.

The Baltic is not so impressive by Australian standards but that is what we get for choosing a destination based on an alliteration.  Someone smarter than me once wrote, “it is always good to have an end to journey towards but it is the journey that matters in the end.”  It has been all about the journey for us.  We have meandered through Europe on our bicycles, watching our little daughter grow up.  There have been incredibly high highs and the lowest of lows.  It has not been all dappled light and ice creams – this has been a very difficult family project.

But we are here and there are many stories to tell.

It has not all been dappled light and ice creams!

It has not all been dappled light and ice creams!

I am particularly proud of Amaya who is surely the toughest and most adaptable two year old around.  She has sat in her little buggy for every one of those 3600km and offered minimal complaints.  She has camped in appalling conditions, learnt to say hi, bye and thanks in a number of different languages, met new people every day, and has had to make do with very few toys.  Yet she is still super keen to get on the road every morning.

Amaya in the Baltic Sea - one of the toughest and most adaptable two year olds around!

Amaya in the Baltic Sea – one of the toughest and most adaptable two year olds around!

Thanks for reading our blog (please continue)! Thanks to all the kind strangers who have helped us in so many different ways!  Thanks to the people who have donated to Clinica Verde and helped change the lives of mothers and children in Nicaragua!  If you haven’t donated but would like to you can click on the link below.

CV button to donate.001

We now have the small matter of cycling 400km or so down to Berlin.

18 thoughts on “WE MADE IT!!!

    • Thanks Mum! We loved having you along for the ride! Only have a couple of hundred to go now and more days then we need. Bit of a rainy period lately – rained most of the day today.

  1. Congratulations! Your first photo here says it all. Absolute jubilation on Mum and Dad’s faces and Amaya’s look says ‘Not another photo? What’s the big fuss?’. Watch out – she will think that riding 3600km across Europe in her ‘carriage’ is what everybody does!! I have enjoyed following your blog so much. Fantastic effort. God bless for the last ‘leg’. N xo

  2. Amazing! You guys look so fresh and strong 🙂 We at Clinica Verde are tremendously honored and impressed by your journey and the support you have provided women and children living in poverty. Amaya is blessed to have such compassionate and inspirational parents. We hope that you will visit Clinica Verde again soon! You are, indeed, a mighty force for good.

  3. It is wonderful to have the youth, strength and opportunity to have such an adventure and the desire to use it to enhance the lives of others. We are proud of you and grateful for your spirit.


  4. What a ride! The new friends and stories to tell! We’re all jealous and are mentally mapping our own adventures. Thanks for the inspiration and supporting Clinica Verde!

  5. Congrats guys on a job well done! 🙂 It’s been fun following your blog. Looking forward to seeing you back in the land of Oz soon. Love to you all xxx

  6. wow….que gusto que disfruten en familia, saludos de El Salvador, cuídense y cuiden a Amaya, con mucho amor en Cristo Jesús, su hermana en una misma fe y una misma esperanza

  7. Woo Hoo! Wonderful, all three of you. Take care and God bless on the final leg of the trip. We are longing to see you :0) xx

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