On The Road Again



We are on the road again. Sadly not on bikes, but hopefully just as adventurous. We are travelling through southern Argentina and Chile in a region called the lakes district. It is a magical place on the edge of Patagonia with snow capped conical volcanoes, pristine lakes, racks of lamb slow-cooked over open fires that can be washed down with bottles of Malbec.

We plan to camp, hike and climb, speak oodles of Spanish and have a wonderful family holiday.

So far we have been in Santiago, Chile for about 24 hrs, and though everyone is struggling with devastating jet lag, we have still managed to see a few things…





3 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Great to see you enjoying adventures again. Hope you can relax out of the jetlag stage without pushing it! Have a great time dear ones!

  2. Looks wonderfully colourful – just like your family – & sounds so exciting. Looking forward to reading this version of your travels.

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