The last time we were in Santiago was in 2008. Pre-kids, if there ever was such a time… We didn’t really enjoy it. It is a big, dry, dust-bowl of a city, surrounded by monstrous mountains that can only be glimpsed through the smog or heat haze or whatever it is.


The last 7 days have been quite the opposite. Santiago is still big and smoggy and noisy but our experiences were only positive!  This is despite crazy jet lag and two needy children.

I think it is actually because of the kids. They have forced us to slow down and not try and wring everything we can out of each day. It doesn’t matter if we repeat activities – we have been to the zoo twice! And we would never have even gone to the zoo or the fantastical “parque de la infancia” (childhood park) or eaten giant fairy floss or multiple ice creams or played in street fountains or had random strangers snapping photos of our kids.






Yes travelling with kids means we can’t lazily sip coffee on the sidewalk or join the New Years Eve festivities or chug back the customary litre bottles of beer in seedy and not so seedy bars, but maybe real joy is found elsewhere.




4 thoughts on “Santiago

  1. Happy new year to you 4 adventurers. The photos are fantastic; the fairy floss is almost the size of Amaya. I would love to share in the fun of such a fabulous park. Amazing when we view the world through the eyes of a child huh?

    • Thanks Nette. Thinking of you often! Santiago is so bright and colourful. We are now in a place called Puerto Varas. We flew there today. Amaya is excited because we can see two smoking volcanoes!

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