Camping amidst volcanoes

The last 4 days have been magical. We have been camping on the edge of a lake near a small town called Villa La Angostura. We are surrounded by gigantic mountains, some of which are volcanoes that occasionally spew ash into the air which creates a surreal misty effect. The lake is fresh and cold, and is fed by icy glacial streams. We are camped in a pine forest and have a cosy fireplace next to our small tent. It is perfect for us.




Amaya and Sebastian are loving it. Amaya’s imagination is limitless and she spends hours by the lake in rapidly evolving, fantastical worlds. Sebastian throws rock after rock into the  water, he wades through streams, collects wood for the fire, sits importantly on his log and from time to time is permitted into his big sister’s imaginary world.





Both Shoshanna and I are continually stunned with the beauty of this place and feel immensely happy and at peace to be here.


6 thoughts on “Camping amidst volcanoes

  1. It is great to read your adventures again.
    Amaya and Sebastian are really cute 🙂

    For how long are you travelling this time?

    Take care and enjoy 🙂

  2. Sorry to blog-stalk you, but I’ve had some trouble finding Michael’s non-work email address! If it’s at all possible, Michael, could you resend/reactivate the dropbox files you sent me? They’ve stopped working and I only downloaded some of them. If not, I’ll use the printed resources I have and deal with it 🙂 Hope you’re all having an awesome time (the photos are incredibly jealousy-inducing)!

    – Elissa

  3. Wonderful pics of you all in Paradise… what a beautiful place. Loved Amaya’s ability to overcome linguistic difficulties; kids are so good at dealing with the impossible. Keep enjoying! xxx

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