2 thoughts on “Christmas Carols Bike Ride

  1. Hi, you have a beautiful site!!! I am planning to travel with my husband and my 2-years-old child to Argentina, Chile or Uruguay. We would love to do small trips by bike. Do you reccomend any place? It must be a place where we can rent a bike and travel without cross crowded streets.
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Suzana
      Sorry for some reason we didn’t notice your comment. Yes hiring bikes is pretty easy over in Chile and Argentina. We mainly backpacked around Patagonia and had the option to hire bikes in Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes along with Pucon. I am sure it would have been possible in other places. The infrastructure for bikes is non existent though and you would be on road – which put us off a little especially since our youngest was 1 and the time. We are planning a bicycle tour in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany this year with both our children, which will be great we think 🙂

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