Our Summer Cycling in Europe

So here we are again leaving our comfortable, predictable middle class lifestyle and opting for a much more challenging one with many unknowns. 

The plan is to fly to Amsterdam and spend 3 months cycling around Northern Europe. We have worked out a vague route but it is more of a sketch than anything. 

Sebastian (3) will assume Amaya’s old position and ride in the trailer, while Amaya (6) will ride her own bike with the possibility of attaching it to Mic’s bike when she is tired. 

This is the first bicycle tour we have done with two kids so we have absolutely no idea how it will go. We are just looking forward to spending time with our children, sharing new and rich experiences, meeting interesting people and riding our bicycles. ​

All packed up! A good feeling !

Diaries. They love looking back on their diaries from backpacking South America. Exciting to imagine the stories that will be told.

Amaya’s new bike!

8 thoughts on “Our Summer Cycling in Europe

  1. Hey Guys,

    I might be spending the summer in Amsterdam with Lowie Beagle.

    The Netherlands also got free “Bivakzones/Paalkamperen” in the nature/woods: https://sites.google.com/site/paalkampeerders/kaart

    Wish you alot of fun with the trip!!

    Met vriendelijke groeten, Roel Strauven

    *Roel Strauven* *http://www.Rsolution.be* *http://www.Rhosting.be* Your IT, Our Solution!

    *Email:* roel.strauven@rsolution.be *GSM:* 0487 67 17 34 *Adres:* Eksterstraat 63 3370 Boutersem *BTW:* BE 0818.933.584 RPR Leuven

  2. Have a wonderful time – so many memories and stories to be written. Looking forward to following your adventures.

  3. Greetings from Newcastle! We were very happy to read about your adventures. Please say hello to Amaya & Sebastian for us. We’ve all battled colds & other bugs here too with many kids including N needing time off. I can’t imagine myself cycling & towing whilst feeling unwell … Enjoy the rest of your trip & travel safe.

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