Our Journey so far. 

Well we aren’t particularly diligent at blogging this trip. We have only posted once so far and we have had 900km worth of experiences to tell! It turns out that cycle touring with two children leaves little time for much else. It is also a telling fact that while we have seen scores of people cycle touring, we haven’t met any other family with small children who are on a long tour…

Happily, despite being all consuming we have been having an enriching time. As each kilometres clicks by we seem to draw closer as a family. 

Our cycling has taken us down the length of the Netherlands, through the Ardennes region of Belgium, Luxembourg and we are currently cycling along the Moselle river in Germany. From here we intersect with the Rhine and follow it back into the Netherlands. 
Some Highlights 

  • Spending windmill filled days with Jonny, Helen, Henry and Bella. 
  • Riding the roller coasters at Efteling, the oldest theme park in Holland. 
  • Bicycle paths in the Netherlands. How every country should be!
  • Picking wild blackberries
  • Hugging calves and hippopotami


  • The most incredible cave system we have ever seen in the Ardennes, Belgium. 
  • Walking on the moon at the Euro Space Centre in the middle of a forest!
  • Paddling in the village water fountain (upsetting a few oldies) 
  • Multi generational cycle touring when Mic’s parents joined us for a week. 
  • Spooky tunnels in the ramparts of Luxembourg city
  • Cycling up a hill to Cochem Castle everyone told us was impossible!! 
  • The hidden castle – one of the few castles in Europe Napoleon didn’t conquer because unlike us he couldn’t find it!
  • Being a spectacle that gives people something to stare at! Yes, we are a bit of a travelling circus 😉 

16 thoughts on “Our Journey so far. 

  1. What great pics! Going for the impossible – and achieving it – is your style! What a wonderful experience for you all. Much better than any classroom.

    • Hey! Glad you are inspired. A tour in Vietnam sounds amazing – we haven’t cycled there but have heard that it is a good destination for cycle touring. I think we could write a book of tips! Travel as
      light as
      possible. Buy really good gear. Take it easy to begin with and slowly build your kms. We usually start at about 30km for the first few days and slowly increase it from there. With our young kids our maximum is about 50. Stay safe!

  2. What wonderful experiences for you all, and phoohey to the grumpies at the fountain! Proud of you all, tho it makes my legs sore to think of all that pedalling! Thank you for sharing. Lots of love. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Michael and Shoshanna
    Just sitting at school with Louise and checking yor photos. it all looks beautiful and sounds like you are having just a great family trip. All our love to the family and wshing you not too much muscle fatigue.
    Deb and Lousie

    • Hi Deb and Louise! Nice to hear from you and know that you are following our adventure. It has been pretty amazing, especially the Moselle river. Hope HGHS is going well!

  4. Awesome work guys! It looks like you are having the best family adventure, brings back a lot of memories from our tour. It is a shame you haven’t met any other cycle touring families, they are out there – we met a few on our last tour.

    This is what every family holiday should look like, pure un-inturepted family time, with a little dash of adventure!

  5. Hey,
    Looks like lots of adventure and time just being in life. Hope you’re all getting bits of what you need.
    We miss you in the ‘hood. Especially Mali and his mate Basti!
    All good here,
    Jo and co xx

  6. Oh man, I can’t believe I haven’t replied to this post yet! This was great fun to read and look at. You’re really packing in the adventures – you’re all going to have heads full of pleasant memories at the end. What a wonderful feeling that is and will be! We’re rooting for you (*North American usage) and wishing you happiness and adventure. Love!

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