Up close and personal with my unfounded fears

We suffer more from our imagination than from reality – Seneca

As everyone around me at home in Newcastle could attest, I suffered greatly from nervous anticipation before this trip.
There were so many unknowns.
Our young kids are growing and developing at such a rapid rate that their needs and desires appear vastly different from one trip to the next. Leaving me with a different set of challenges to problem shoot. 
It was only a few weeks before leaving that I managed to quell my fears and embrace the excitement of an awesome opportunity! None of the ‘problems’ had been solved, none of my fears had been eliminated, but I had prepared as best I could. 

The hardest thing to do was to choose a different mindset. I had to believe that it would all work out (one way or another), because otherwise my brain would melt from anxiety. So I did it. I chose wanderlust, enthusiasm, and I harnessed my adventurous spirit.

And here we are doing it! We have cycled 141km! Not much, but for us it’s proof that we can do this thing!

From Amsterdam to Rotterdam we are finding our systems and rhythm. Things will get easier and easier as our strength increases and we truely get into the groove. 

Of course (predictably) none of my fears were worth worrying about… 

  • How would Basti (super active 3 year old) go sitting in the bike trailer?…. totally fine
  • How would Amaya go on her attached bike?…. also totally fine! Sometimes she pops into the trailer.
  • How would she go missing school?… mixed bag, but now that school is back she’s a bit smug about not being stuck in a classroom!
  • How would I go towing the trailer?… so far so good… although currently a bit slow due to a wicked cold!
  • Etc 😜

Maybe I’ve just been incredibly lucky, but a lesson I have learned time and time again in my life is that when you try something tricky/challenging/seemingly impossible often people appear who help you. This time our friends who live in Amsterdam, Henny and Cor helped us enormously. 😌 We are so completely grateful!

Henny and Cor rode with us from the airport to their house boat and then helped us find our way out of Amsterdam

They also generously let us stay on their house boat while they stayed on a neighbours boat. The fun bit was climbing over 5 other boats to get to theirs.

Amaya and Basti loved the adventure of living on a boat!

So, this far it’s working out. Amazing! And despite being sick, I’m relaxed and enjoying it. 

Now I need to take what I’ve written to heart so the next time I don’t suffer greatly all over again! Maybe Seneca can help me again… “He who is brave is free.”

13 thoughts on “Up close and personal with my unfounded fears

  1. Good luck and keep the faith in your own ability and drive. And always keep a bottle of Champagne handy…for when you REALLY need a bit of help. I’m looking forward to following your adventures.

  2. so lovely to read of your adventures and conquered fears. you’re making memories you and your kids will cherish for ever. looking forward to reading more. keep being brave and free.

  3. You are an inspiration. It is lovely to see a family stepping (or cycling) outside the norms that we are pushed towards. I wish you well on your adventure. 💜😊🌈

  4. As always, your ability to create happiness out of sheer willpower inspires me. This is why I love you guys! (Amongst other things, of course). I’m loving seeing the photos. And ah house boat yay!! Love you and miss you all!

    • Miss you too gorgeous! I think I’m going to take on will power as my superpower 😉 All I have to do now is order a fancy costume and wear my undies on the outside 💪

  5. Oh you’re so fabulous! So many people stay at home and wallow in even the day to day fears let alone the cycling the world anxieties! So excited (and a wee bit jelly 😉) to follow your adventure. Xxx
    PS how’s the maths 😉

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